FRISCO -- A North Texas performer is facing eviction from his foreclosed house in Frisco.

Kevin Bode has been a television stunt man and was Dusty, the mascot of the Frisco RoughRiders, for two seasons. His wife said the eviction could take a toll on his health. Bode has kidney disease, and is on dialysis. They say they ve never been more frightened in their lives.

Bode and his wife, Marilyn Brown, struggled financially. Two years ago, the bank foreclosed on their Frisco home of nine years. They claim the bank had agreed to allow them to make payments, but went forward with the foreclosure. They appealed to a federal court, which ruled the foreclosure was legal.

A few weeks ago, they found an eviction notice on their front door. Brown then posted a desperate plea on YouTube.

They will literally throw us on the street with this kidney machine and all our possessions, she said in the video.

The couple expected a Collin County constable to show up Monday morning to force them out.

The fact that Kevin might die through this, and me to lose my home and everything that we've worked for is the most frightening thought that I can tell you, Brown said.

Bode said the threat of eviction has been stressful.

I sit up all night on the back patio because I can't sleep, he said.

The Elvis impersonator and his wife say if they are evicted, they will have no place to go.

There's no house we can go to, Bode said. There's no rental house we've found that we can go move right in.

Earlier this week, Marilyn Brown called Fannie Mae, the agency that now owns the house.

This is a nightmare, Brown said. How can we get through this? Why isn't someone coming?

Their worst fears won't be realized yet -- at least not Monday. Brown's plea to Fannie Mae won them another temporary reprieve.


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