SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- During a kidnapping, parents and authorities may feel like their hands are tied. But that's not the case for a local father who has armed his children with panic devices. The new technology was invented right here in San Antonio.

It's the same technology used to track terrorists, according to developer Stephen Conroy. But now the small white device is helping parents protect their kids from kidnappers or something as simple as falling off a bike.

Conroy, of Location Lock GTS, says the breakthrough allows parents to get an SOS if their child is in danger. He demonstrated the technology outside his home in Boerne.

I'm going to get live15-second updates while I'm en route to rescue my daughter, said Conroy. This is the same kind of technology that our federal government uses to track terrorists.

But the technology is no longer just for national security.

This is activity of my daughter riding her bicycle, said Conroy as he displayed how the system works.

When his daughter held down the panic button for 3 seconds he received an instant alert on his smart device.

Conroy says that during an abduction, every second counts. The device easily fits into his child's pocket. Parents can also set up a virtual perimeter, to get alerts if the child steps out of bounds.

So far the device has not prevented an actual kidnapping.

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