HOUSTON Houston Police are looking into the recent arrest of a man after his family members accused officers of using excessive force.

Aldemond Gabriel s mother filed an internal affairs complaint against the officers involved in the incident, which sent her son to the hospital.

According to police, officers went to Gabriel s southwest Houston apartment to serve an outstanding arrest warrant on a robbery charge.

Officials said officers called for Gabriel, but he failed to answer. That s when they sent in a police K-9. Officers said Gabriel was found hiding in the bathroom.

But the suspect s mother said her son insisted that officers had called him names and beat him.

He was screaming out loud and cried tears of blood, she said.

Police said Gabriel was treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

According to his mother, he spent three days in a doctor s care. Pictures taken in the hospital reveal what appear to be black eyes and a badly injured arm.

It didn t have to come to this, she said.

Gabriel s mother filed a formal complaint. HPD said the matter would be thoroughly investigated. But a local activist called for outside intervention.

It s not transparent, said Quanell X. That s why an outside agency should step in and investigate.

Gabriel is due to appear before a judge on the robbery charge later this month.

In the meantime, he remains locked up at the Harris County Jail.

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