FORT WORTH -- For years, shopping items and gifts have arrived at the Dorsey family home in Fort Worth without a problem, but this Friday, a package went missing.

It was a $1,500 computer, Adrian Dorsey said. My wife bought it for herself for Christmas.

When Dorsey couldn't find the package, he checked his home surveillance camera system.

Video shows a UPS driver dropping off the computer around 2:08 p.m. He hid the computer box behind some bushes in front of the home. 11 minutes later, a car stops in front of the house.

I saw a car pull up, kind of pass the house, Dorsey said. Then a lady got out, walked up to [the bushes], picked [the computer] up and left.

According to the UPS tracking receipt, the driver claims he met with a male customer on the day of the delivery, but the family said no one knocked on their door and someone was home.

Dorsey's daughter, Keisha Allen, is also seen on the video leaving the house between the drop off and the theft. She said the UPS driver saw and greeted her, but never mentioned the package he left behind the bushes.

Wow, he could have said something, knocked, Allen said. He went on with his business.

UPS told News 8 the company's security unit is investigating the incident. As for the Dorsey family, they plan on filing a police report.

Keisha Allen's message to the thief is simple.

Doing what you are doing -- it's sad, Allen said. You are stealing from other people.


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