LUCAS -- Trinity Dudek and her six-year-old sister, Amory, were staying at their grandfather's house in Collin County one night, when something went terribly wrong.

Robert Culbertson's blood sugar dropped to a dangerously low level, as he fell to the ground.

He had called me, 'Trinity, help.' the 10-year-old girl recalled. And that's when he realized he didn't feel that well.

Culbertson asked Trinity for a sugary soft drink, but there weren't any. So she brought him some M&M's. That didn't help either.

That's when she called 911.

911 Dispatcher: Collin County 911. Where's your emergency?
Trinity Dudek: My grandfather is laying on the ground.
911: Is her in his sixties?
Trinity: Yeah, and he's diabetic.

The 911 operator asked Trinity for an address, but she didn't know it.

I ran over to the mailbox and I dug for a piece of mail, Trinity said. And it told me what the address was.

Paramedics showed up five minutes later. They were able to bring up the grandfather's blood sugar.

Trinity is reaping praise and attention for staying calm in the midst of a crisis.

He readily admits, 'I'm very proud of Trinity,' said Trinity's mother, Samantha Dudek, about her father's appreciation. To her face, he says, 'I'm proud of my girl.' And to me, he gets a little tear in his eye and says, 'Y'know, that's my girl.' So he's very aware that she's responsible for potentially saving his life that night.

Mrs. Dudek said there's one more impressive thing about Trinity's 911 call in the face of adversity: her manners.

911 operator: Give me a few minutes and I'm going to have everybody down there, okay?
Trinity Dudek: Okay. Thank you so much for your help.


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