HOUSTON Some business owners and residents expressed concern over the number of robberies at a southeast Houston strip center.

The latest heist was caught on surveillance video. The video shows a truck pulling up to the store at the corner of the Gulf Freeway and Wayside at about 4 o clock Tuesday.

Three men are seen running into the store and six minutes later they are dragging bags full of cell phones out.

We re told the cell phone store and other businesses have been broken into and robbed before.

We re worried because it hurts our business, a strip center worker said.

A restaurant manager said his place has been hit seven times in just three years.

A liquor store clerk said she s worried she could get robbed too.

The strip center has set up a number of surveillance cameras, but shopper Rosa Bennett said more must be done.

I want to feel protected, she said.

In one case, burglars tunneled through a nail salon to get to a liquor store and the cell phone business.

Sheetrock that had been repaired to cover up holes left by burglars was visible on the property.

Police found the truck the armed robbers used at the cell phone store. A tracking device led officers to the vehicle, but the robbers and the stolen goods were gone.

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