AUSTIN -- Some changes are coming to Austin after voters approved a majority of the propositions on the Travis County ballot.

There were 18 citypropositions in all,including seven city bond projects. Six of those passed. Voters rejected Proposition 15.

Voters also approved a new way to elect city leaders at City Hall. Voters approved a 10-1 layout for electing the Austin City Council. The layout includes 10 representatives from geographical districts within the city and one mayor elected by the city at large. The new layout takes effect in 2016.

The approvals pave the way for a slew of improvements city-wide.

Props 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 and 18 raise funds for road improvements, water shed protection and land acquisition, along with improvements to the Parks and Recreation Department.

The bonds also fund the City s Public Safety Departments, Health and Human Services and libraries, museums and cultural arts facilities.

In all, the bonds total about $385 million. The only one that failed among voters is Proposition 15. It would have gone toward housing assistance and shelters for the low income and homeless.

City staff is now working on a timeline for the approved projects.

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