HOUSTON An employee at the UTMD Anderson Cancer Center is accused of stalking women in the hospital parking garage and secretly photographing them under their skirts and dresses, according to University of Texas police.

Jevonne Gunn, 30, is charged with improper photography/ visual recording.

Another employee at the cancer center said she was walking in the Pressler parking garage on October 8 and Gunn was following her. She noticed he was wearing a UTMDACC badge and carrying a black laptop bag so she thought he was also an employee.

Gunn followed her into the elevator.

When they arrived at the third level, the woman turned around and saw Gunn on his knees behind her. He appeared to be looking for something inside his laptop bag, but she also saw a reflection coming from his cell phone and suspected he was recording her, according to court documents.

It was a small device that was embedded in a cell phone, said UT Police Investigator Stephen Happ.

The woman said she was about to say something to him, but kept quiet when another employee entered the elevator because she didn t want to make a scene.

She did notify police of her suspicions.

Police scanned the parking garage surveillance cameras to investigate the woman s claims and saw the incident as she described it.

Footage showed Gunn walking behind the woman with a cell phone in his right hand. Police saw a bright light shining from the phone, and when the woman entered the elevator, he quickly extended his arm aiming the phone underneath her dress.

Police tracked Gunn down and found him in his office. They advised him of his rights and he agreed to voluntarily speak with police, according to court documents.

Police said they showed him surveillance photos of the man in the parking garage and Gunn admitted the pictures were of him. He then confessed to taking multiple photographs of unsuspecting women on his Samsung Galaxy phone, claiming he got the ideas for the Upskirt recordings from Youtube.

The idea was to take photos of women s bodies by secretly recording them underneath their skirts and dresses. Gunn said he was just curious to see how it was done.

Police learned that is a sexually-oriented website that appeals to fetish sexual tastes involving the stalking of women and recording images underneath their skirts.

Gunn told police he only had recorded eight women so far, but when police went through his phone, they found more than 30 different images.

Gunn s bail was set at $2,000.

He has been fired from MD Anderson.

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