LEAGUECITY, Texas -- A Galveston mother says she wassitting inthe car with her son on Wednesday when a woman attacked her and tried to take off with the child in a grocery store parking lot.

It happened outside the Kroger located in the 200-block of S Egret Bay Boulevard in League City.The mother was waiting for her husband to come out of the store when the altercation occurred.

The mom told KHOU11 News she had her windows rolled down when a woman reached in and tried to grab the baby.

My first instinct was for my child, so I naturally pulled him to the other side away from her, said Carly Oquendo-Smith outside of her Galveston home. I m just glad it s over and I want her to get the help she needs.

The mother got a few scratches on her head and her arms, but she and her child were not seriously injured.

The suspect, identified as Melanie James, was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping. She was being held on a $20,000 bond.

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