HOUSTON An 18-month-old baby was playing in a southeast Houston apartment complex parking lot when a car hit and killed her, police said.

It happened Tuesday evening near the intersection of Dover and Grafton.

According to investigators, a man in a minivan was trying to park when he ran over the toddler. Police have not determined if he was under the influence of anything, but sobriety tests were conducted.

Police questioned the baby s mother, asking her where she was when the child was hit and killed. Neighbors told police that the 1-year-old was not being watched.

Police said the mother could be facing negligence charges. Investigators say they were still trying to gather witness statements Tuesday night.

The next thing we know, she disappeared all of a sudden and someone came from around the corner and said the little girl was hit, said neighbor Churlonda Fletcher.

Fletcher did not see the accident; however, she said she saw the little girl shortly before she was hit.

She was dancing to Beyonce songs with her little pamper on. She was a happy baby and it just don t make no sense. In a blink of a second, your baby s gone, Fletcher said.

A friend of the man who hit the girl came to the scene for support. He said his friend contemplated running away, but then came back.

He tried to run. I said, no, no, stay there, explained William Gutierrez, who said his friend called him right after the accident. I m worried, yes, because he s a good friend.

Some people were having a hard time blaming the driver because of what they saw. That includes a man who said he almost hit the little girl while trying to back out.

Anyone could ve hit her in the blink of an eye because she s so little, and you would ve (not been) able to see her in that back parking lot. They was playing underneath the cars and stuff, and running behind cars that are back there, said Keith, who was visiting his father at the complex.

Neighbors wondered if there was something they could ve done to save the baby girl s life.

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