HOUSTON After the crushing loss to the Packers a week ago, Texans linebacker Connor Barwin wasn t in much of a mood to celebrate his birthday.

He met some buddies at the MKT Bar where the crowd is normally pretty mellow on Monday nights. But last week was different.

There was a mix of people. There were older ladies, there were young kids. I would not say a usual night on a Monday night, said manager Haig Tcholakian.

Despite the Texans loss the day before, there was plenty of battle red, liberty white and deep steel blue in the crowd.

Even though there was a bunch of people in Texans gear, he had no clue, said Natalie Gravino.

Gravino and about 40 other people were about to give Barwin a birthday surprise he won t soon forget.

He was completely taken by surprise by it, Gravino said.

We gave him about 5 minutes at the bar to get comfortable with his friends and then we started the music. He was shocked, Tcholkian said.

LMFAO s Party Rock Anthem was the signal for the flash mob dancers to perform their Barwin birthday tribute.

Haig Tcholakian said it took weeks to plan. It was all pretty extravagantly planned out.

Barwin even joined it at one point, showing off some smooth moves.

He saved the sweetest move of all for Sunday though, getting his first sack of the season that resulted in a safety.

It was a huge weight lifted off my back. I felt good, Connor Barwin said after Sunday s rout of the Ravens.

His flash mob friends back at MKT think their birthday dance helped give Barwin a boost.

I think that it was a motivator for him as a player and even him as a person, said Gravino. He was, like, Oh my goodness, thank you. That was super sweet of you to do!

Participants say the expression on Barwin s face was worth all the hard work.

Happy Birthday #98.

The video was created by Darla Guyton of Guyton Photography and Bay Area Flash Mob.

View the full Youtube video, courtesy of Guyton Photography.

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