SPOKANE, Washington -- A World War II veteran spent the past year searching the world for one family, with whom he shares a special connection. This week, that family is about to be re-united with a piece of history.

Retired Army Major Ed Farmer is a decorated WWII veteran. He has a Silver Star, two Bronze Medals and is a two time Purple Heart recipient. But there is one memento he has kept close to his heart for almost 70 years, and is now ready to give it up.

In 1945, Farmer was given a ceremonial Muslim weapon called the Kriss Dagger. A Filipino General named Salipada Pendatun presented the dagger to Farmer as a token of friendship and tolerance. The two men became quick friends while Farmer was stationed overseas during World War II.

Farmer said, For him to take that off and give to me, it was very touching to think that he thought that much to me.

Gen. Pendatun died years ago and now Farmer wants to give the dagger back to his family. For the past year, Farmer searched for Pendatun s relatives in the Philippines. Recently, he got in touch with Pendatun s grandson, and plans to have the dagger hand-delivered to him in the next week.

The Filipino American Association of the Inland Empire, which is based in Spokane, helped Farmer track down the Pendatun family.

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