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SIERRA BLANCA A couple of celebrities obviously did not get the memo, but now since they know better, they had better spread the word. Don t mess with Texas; Sierra Blanca, that is.

The laws in this small Texas town have noses stronger than a bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out marijuana...and heroin...and hashish...and guns. Oh, let s just say they can sniff out just about anyone doing anything they are not supposed to be doing; especially if they are riding in a tricked-out tour bus with smoke billowing from the windows.

We know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so we are just highlighting some of the people who were accused of having undesirable cargo while passing through.

Singer Willie Nelson, actor Armie Hammer and rappers Snoop Dog and Paul Wallwere each arrested for pot possession. Rapper Nelly was busted for not only having pot, but heroin and a loaded gun were found on board, according to Hudspeth County sheriff s officials. Singer-songwriter Fionna Apple was arrested for hashish possession after a Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog detected marijuana in her tour bus.

On behalf of the busted celebs, we've decided to warn others thinking of heading in that direction turn back or you might get a chance to tour the inside of a jail cell.

(P.S. None of those Hollywood medical marijuana claims make it here, Snoop Dog allegedly tried to flash his card. In fact, not even fellow celeb Steven Seagal -- who just so happens to be adeputy in this town -- can help. Just say no!)

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