HOUSTON New regulations were passed Tuesday for sexually oriented businesses in Harris County.

Commissioner Jack Cagle says businesses where people can pay to have sex are becoming a real problem in Harris County so he hopes the new regulations will help shut them down.

Cagle said the new rules will require people who work in massage parlors, and topless dancers to have a license. He said that makes it easier to track and stop illegal activity.

What you had was new owners in theory, but the names and the people inside were the same doing the same illegal activity, Cagle said.

There will also be stricter building codes that will make it easier for deputies to shut the places down.

These regulations help us shut down the revolving door. So that when your law enforcement people do their job, they are able to have the tools to remain done. You shut them down, they stay shut down, he said.

Commissioner Cagle said he hopes this helps revitalize an area of 1960 and property values. Another requirement is that the businesses must be painted in a single, neutral color to make it easier for officers to monitor them.

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