HOUSTON Five gunmen stormed into a home in northwest Harris CountyWednesday morning and held a family at gunpoint.

A couple, their 16-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son were sleeping when the suspects broke into their home near 249 and Upland Willow Avenue.

They held the family hostage with guns pointed at their heads for 90 minutes while ransacking the house.

The mother is a business owner and investigators believe she was the target. They say the robbers were sophisticated and knew exactly what they were doing.

The gunmen threatened to come back and kill the family if they called police. The victims were too scared totalk with uson camera.

The news was unsettling to neighbors in the subdivision.

We ve had our house broken into twice already. That s why we have burglar bars, and for it to be right down the street, it s ridiculous, said Tanika Brooks.

I want to see more patrolling around here, maybe a neighborhood watch, said James Haerrom.

Wednesday s victims weren't harmed. But they say they may sell their home and move to a safer area.

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