HOUSTON Just one day after putting its latest demo video on YouTube, the inventors of Lockitron have already raised nearly $700,000 toward making the device a reality.

It s either a brilliant idea or an idea that makes life more difficult than it needs to be. Then again, someone probably said the same thing about keyless entry on vehiclesat one point.

Lockitron is a device that you place over the existing deadbolt inside your home. Using Wi-Fi, the Internet, Bluetooth, and/or NFC, you can then unlock your front door using your smartphone.

You can set it to automatically unlock when you get nearby (with phone in pocket), or you can use your phone to unlock it remotely should you need to let someone in.

You can even monitor your front door s status to see if a child accidentally left it unlocked or if someone came and went.

Its makers say they are aiming for a ship date in March 2013. If you like the idea, you can still reserve yours for a special price of $149.

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