KATY, Texas-- This week Katy ISD issued a stranger danger alert for a mother who was simply dropping off her kids and some parents are left wondering just what to take seriously.

She was there just waiting for her kid, Katy parent Irma Garcia said. And she s like a suspect or something? C mon.

School police had received a report of a suspicious person in a minivan with tinted windows who waited at the same bus stop every morning. It turned out to be a parent who was simply watching her child wait for a ride.

Parent Gregg Scott says he will now wait and wonder when he see future alerts from the district.

Though the alert was canceled, three others remain in effect. Some parents are now walking their kids to and from school because of them.

It s just amazing the creepy people in the world, parent Elaine Downey said. You can t trust anyone anymore.

Some parents say they are at least grateful that the district is taking security seriously.

If it s something, then they are at least on top of it, parent Ron Jones said.

A spokesman for the Katy ISD said the district has received hoaxes in the past and that alerts are put out after police can verify a story.

In the case of the minivan mom, however, they said they did not want to risk the possibility of its being true.

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