HOUSTON Inside an operating room at the Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is the future of medicine.

It s where surgery can be well underway without the surgeon standing over the patient, thanks to the Da Vinci Robotics System.

The fact that I m not scrubbed in, standing over a patient, allows me more freedom, says obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Duc Le, M.D. I m able to answer phone calls. I m able to direct the nurses.

Dr. Le does it all while performing a hysterectomy from behind the controls of the Da Vinci Surgical system; basically, a robot.

Dr. Le explained he can control multiple instruments with his hands and with his feet from behind the controls. He can easily focus cameras and zoom in. The equipment gives the doctor a 3D view and another hand.

The recovery time for the patient with the Da Vinci Assisted Robotics is just a mere 10 to 14 days. That s significantly shorter than the traditional six to eight weeks.

Maricella Jiron returned to work two weeks after her surgery.

It was surprisingly really quick and probably one of the reasons why I wanted robotic surgery, she said. They told me the recovery was fast and it was.

Robotic-assisted surgeries are definitely on the cutting edge. Dr. Le thinks the procedure will eventually be done remotely.

I may be able to be in my office with the same console, perform the same procedure, as if I was in the operating room. The potential is unlimited, he said.

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