HOUSTON A lot of people who called New Orleans home before Hurricane Katrina ended up moving to Houston, but many still have a soft-spot for their saints.

When the Saints won the 2010 Super Bowl, folks from New Orleans got to do two of the things they love best: party and cheer for their Saints.

The Super Bowl win, wasn t just a Super Bowl win. That was a rejoice. That was a celebration. That was a right now, we still get chills. It s some time later and we still get chills, said Saints fan Allen Augustine, Jr.

Back then Edgar Alexis and Allen Augustine, Jr celebrated at a packed house party.

We had over 100, I d say over 130 people there, said Saints fan Edgar Alexis. And we just blocked the street off and took over.

When that Super Bowl party took place the Saints fans had been living in Houston almost five years after escaping the nightmare that was Hurricane Katrina.

That s something you never want to re-live, Augustine said.

Some of the New Orleanians came to Houston with nothing more than what they could carry in their arms or cram in their cars. But most all of them came with love of their hometown football team strong as ever.

That s us on that field when they re playing sometime. When they score a touchdown, we score a touchdown. It s passion. When they score we rejoice, Augustine said.

Alexis agreed.

We bleed black and gold and that s it. Either you cut that way or you re not, and if you re not, you don t want to be around us, he said.

It s something their kids know from day one.

I am a Saints fan, Jordon Augustine said.

Yet they love their adopted hometown of Houston.

Houston is a great city, I mean, really, whatever you want, you can find it, Alexis said.

The school systems are wonderful. I mean, like I said, it s a better life for our kids.

But there is no way they re pulling for the Texans over the Saints, even in a pre-season game.

For me they can play a pickup game, can t win. I don t want to win. I don t want them to win, period, Augustine said.

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