HOUSTON Two separate inbound flights had problems Monday at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The first incident involved Delta Airlines flight 5762, which was inbound out of LaGuardia Airport.

Several people received minor injuries as a result of mild turbulence on final approach to the airport.

A husband and wife on the plane described panic among the passengers as the plane bounced up and down.

Some people were bouncing off the ceiling who didn t have their seatbelts on, said Alvin Cormier. And it looked like the two stewardesses in the back who were preparing for the end of the flight kind of fell on top of each other.

Two flight attendants and one passenger were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The second incident happened on United flight 1437, which was inbound out of Dulles Airport.

TSA officials reported some sort of customer service disturbance on the flight.

The crew of flight 1437 requested law enforcement officials meet the aircraft upon arriving in Houston, from Washington D.C., because of two disruptive passengers. Law enforcement met the flight and other customers deplaned normally, a United Airlines spokesperson said via email.

Earlier Monday, a passenger found a threatening note on a Southwest Airlines flight from El Paso to Houston. Bomb-sniffing dogs searched luggage from theflight, but nothing was found.

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