Neighbors of the Shady Oaks subdivision near Thousand Oaks are seeing more dead deer in the area. Some of the animals have been killed by arrows, their antlers removed.

There have been several incidences - more than four - of people using bow and arrow. Either crossbow or longbow, we don't know which, and they've been shooting some of the deer - mostly bucks, said resident David Erickson.

Poachers have allegedly been hitting the area overnight and residents can tell right away when a carcass has been left behind: Vultures show up in huge numbers to pick at the remains.

You could be around the neighborhood and if you see about 4 or 5 vultures circling it s usually a carcass, said Erickson.

The neighbors have been in contact with San Antonio police and Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens.

They are working with the residents to find the poachers. Game wardens say that poaching deer on private land can lead to felony charges.

Residents are also concerned about their own safety if someone is out hunting deer in their subdivision.

What if the arrows missed their target? said Erickson. You don't want, you know, someone to get punctured by an arrow. It really doesn't work too well. Just ask the deer.

Game wardens say the latest deer was found this past week with an arrow stuck in it. Others have been found in the woods close to the streets.

The folks love seeing the deer and feeding them by hand. It s kind of a peaceful relaxing setting, Erickson said. To see those things hunted on your front doorstep is kind of unnerving.

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