HOUSTON A grandmother felt like a prisoner in her own home as some loose pit bulls circled her house.

It happened Monday morning on Oxford Street in the Independence Heights area.

That dog was real big, said Littissian Andrus. That dog was huge.

Andrus said that matters only got worse when her daughter and grandchildren showed up. Antoinette Johnson said she tried to fight the biggest dog off.

I kept getting nervous because it kept getting up on me, said Johnson. I kept swinging and swinging.

While her daughter was fighting with the dog, Andrus called police.

I told them there was a vicious dog that tried to take me and my daughter, said Andrus. They hurried up and came.

An officer showed up and said he was trying to find the owners. He was knocking on a door when he says the pit bull lunged at him.

Johnson saw the whole thing.

The dog had ran up to the police officer and tried to attack the law man and the law man shot him, she said.

That s a vicious dog. That dog needs to be dead for trying to kill me and my grandsons, said Andrus.

The dog was shot in the eye and treated at the vet. It s expected to survive.

The dog owner is being charged with letting a dangerous dog run at large, a misdemeanor.

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