HOUSTON Giving up 100 calories a day doesn t sound like much, but it actually adds up to 700 calories a week!

Ten simple substitutions can cut at least 100 calories each meal, beginning with breakfast.

A large latte every day, that s 400 calories. That s like eating two glazed donuts every day, said registered dietitian Megan Ware.

You can save the calories by using light syrup, instead of regular.Instead of having orange juice, go ahead and have an orange.You ll save yourself about 160 calories.

If you choose to have scrambled eggs, omelets or frittatas, skip the cheese.

Anything you would fill with cheese, fill with vegetables instead, Ware suggested.

During lunchtime, instead of smearing on the cream cheese, add Greek yogurt.It has twice the protein and none of the fat as sour cream.You could also pass on the mayonnaise and spread Hummus on wraps and sandwiches.Lose all the saturated fats and calories, and gain Omega-3.

If you can t cut out pizza, thin crust will spare you 160 calories a slice.If you replace pepperoni with veggies, you save another 100 calories per slice.

Not all salads are created equal.Taco Bell s Chipotle Steak Taco Salad carries 900 calories and 57 grams of fat.A better choice would be Taco Bell s Chicken Fiesta Taco Salad.It has only 240 calories and six grams of fat.

Dinner do s and don ts include cooking with non-fat cooking spray, instead of olive oil or butter.As for dessert, use applesauce instead of oil on those brownies or chocolate cakes.It can save you 35 calories compared to a whopping 600 calories.

Experts say it takes four weeks to change your eating habits.Start out by trying to cut or substitute one thing from your diet for a month.

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