HOUSTON In the face of a rare, fatal fungus attacking her blood and no cure in sight, a woman celebrated a hospital wedding with the man it took her more than 30 years to find.

Sonya O Connor is dying. A rare fungus is slowly eating away her tissue.

There s only been six other cases and nobody knows what to do, said O Connor.

She s moving to a hospice now and one day soon, she ll have to say goodbye to the one true love of her life.

I made a promise when we got engaged that I wasn t going to let her leave the world without her being my wife, said Patrick O Connor.

He made good on that promise in a wedding ceremony at Methodist Hospital.

Life goes by so fast. In an instant, it really does. One day you re 20 years old and starting your life. Next thing you know, you re 37, you have three children and God s calling you home, said Sonya.

The days are numbered. They are. Can t avoid it, can t stop it. Can t do anything about it, said Patrick.

Except make the most of the precious time they have left.

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