FORT WORTH - It's a long way from TCU to London.

Even longer for Edgar Crespo, who came to Fort Worth from Panama to chase his Olympic dream.

I am representing 3.5 million people, Crespo said. It's big for me. I get real excited when I am in the blocks.

Four years ago, he jumped into the Horned Frog pool, and left his native land behind. He's pulled and kicked his way through miles of water just for this one shot to represent his country and to make his mother proud.

She believes in me, Crespo said. She believes I can do my best and more. I am happy with that.

TCU Swimming and Diving Coach Richard Sybesma has been at Edgar's side since he arrived on campus.

He said Edgar is good enough to make the top 16 -- maybe better. It'll be close for a medal.

The guy in the next lane could [bring his hands to the timing pad a split second faster] and you're not [winning a medal] and he's is, Sybesma said. That's how close they are.

Edgar won't get to walk in the opening ceremonies, because the 100-meter breastroke is the next morning. He's there for the experience, but he wants to make history.

[Going] to the Olympics representing Panama and TCU... It doesn't have words, Crespo said.

Already the poster boy for TCU swimming, he wants to prove to the world when it comes to the breastroke, the best kick is the frog kick. Or for the family in Panama...

Vamanos Rana! Crespo said with a laugh, holding up the Horned Frogs hand sign.


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