HOUSTON Vikings running back Adrian Peterson made his first appearance in court Friday morning after being charged with resisting arrest.

The court date on his misdemeanor charge was reset to August 6.

I m 110-percent, 200-percent innocent. I didn t push, shove, touch anything or anyone that night especially an officer, Peterson said.

Police say that Peterson took an aggressive stance towards off-duty officers when asked to leave Live! at Bayou Place at closing time last Saturday. They also accuse Peterson of shoving an officer, causing him to stumble.

He was briefly jailed before being released on a $1,000 bond.

The athlete hired high-profile attorney Rusty Hardin, who appeared in court alongside Peterson and Peterson s father.

I have asked [Peterson] not to talk about the facts or anything just because we want the district attorney s office to look into the case. We ve told you all along that Adrian never resisted arrest, never pushed, shoved a police officer, said Hardin.

I definitely don t have a problem with the Houston PD. This involved two individual officers that I have a issue with. And you know once everything is settled and to a head, the truth will come out, said Peterson.

In an earlier statement, Hardin said that Peterson was struck [by police] at least twice in the face for absolutely no legitimate reason.

Peterson is a Texas native who makes his offseason home in Houston.

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