HOUSTON Black voters in Houston offered suggestions to the GOP candidate for president leading up to his speech scheduled for Wednesday Evening at the NAACP convention.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney will address the assembled guests, but experts said his real audience was black voters hit particularly hard by a tough economy.

People calling into to the Ralph Cooper Sports Talk Radio Show on KCOH Tuesday chose to discuss politics and had strong opinions about what Romney should say.

For Romney to win black votes, he has to speak about our condition, said one caller.

Why not vote for Mitt Romney, another caller chimed in.

The program s host said Romney should focus on jobs.

The economy is the key, in my opinion, said Ralph Cooper. I ve never seen it like it is now.

People at a local barbershop offered opposing points of view over whether Romney could gain their support.

I don t think there s anything he could say, said one man.

He just needs to say a few things about helping us out and creating jobs, added another patron.

The publisher of one of Houston s largest black newspapers said Romney s message could move some voters his way.

I think he has an opportunity no matter who he speaks to on the economy because everyone is feeling it, said Sonny Messiah-Jiles, of The Defender newspaper.

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