Some believe in love at first sight. Others, like Valia Estrada and Jesse Talamantez, know that love is blind.

Estrada works in the ink department at San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind, where she puts ink cartridges in blue roller ball pens. It's the same job she's done for about 10 years. She's fast, efficient and totally blind.

Estrada is one of several hundred fully and partially blind employees at Lighthouse, a manufacturing company that builds office, military and clean up supplies for hazardous materials.

She says she is quite fond of her job. After all, it's where she met her Talamantez, her fiance. He's about 80 percent blind.

When Valia started, I was still a supervisor, he said.

Estrada said she was initially a little apprehensive of the man she would later come to know as funny and charming. They didn't start dating until he switched departments. That was about a decade ago. Now they're inseparable

We'll she's been giving me the hint for the last six, seven years, Talamantez said. I've been going around it, but this time I said, 'I ain't getting any younger,' so I gave in and said, 'OK, lets make a date.'

Both in their mid-50s, this will be the second marriage for them both.

Talamantez and Estrada are just the latest in a long line of couples that have met and fallen in love while working at the Lighthouse. While some might say for them it was love at first sight, for those at the lighthouse, they are truly proving that love is blind.

So how do they know they are right for each other?

Every marriage and every couple they got problems about one thing or another, Talamantez said. Me and Valia, we haven't had an argument since we met. We don't argue ... yet. And I'm hoping I'm not the one that's going to start this.

They might be blind, but their love and their engagement has been no different than anybody else.

So I took her and bought the ring and they measured and everything, Talamantez said. And then right there I told her, 'Well baby, now we're engaged.'

Talamantez may not be quite the romantic, but his deep love and affection for Estrada shows by the way he cares for and guides her through everyday situations. It's an admiration she returns in kind.

Hopefully we'll spend the rest of our lives together, Estrada said.

And take it a day at a time, Talamantez added.

The pair plan to tie the knot this October at the Lighthouse in front of their friends, family and co-workers.

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