HOUSTON - A former Houston cop, who was foundnot guilty in the videotaped beating of a teenage burglar, says he has no regrets.

Andrew Blomberg talked in depth about Chad Holley s arrest, the trial and his life now during a radio interview Thursday on 950 AM.

A jury cleared himWednesday, sparking outrage among many Houstonians.

He told Matt Patrick that there is nothing he d change about what happened that day.

You make split second decisions out there and you gotta live with them, and I think I did the right thing, I don t think I did anything wrong, he said.

Blomberg said he has no plans to move out the Houston area.

I like this town, this is where I grew up and this is where I intend on staying, he said.

Blomberg was ranked number one in his class in the police academy.

There was no word on where he ll work next, or if he ll stay in law enforcement.

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