CHANNELVIEW, Texas A 23-year-old Channelview man brutally beat his live-in girlfriend s 5-week-old to death because the newborn would not stop crying, according to the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

Sean Michael Wheeler was charged with felony injury to a child.

The mother told investigators that the baby was fussy and crying on April 25, so Wheeler who was not the baby s father offered to care for him while she slept.

Wheeler took the newborn on a car ride, but when they returned, the baby was limp, cold and not breathing, according to his mother.

The couple rushed the baby to San Jacinto Methodist Hospital and doctors performed CPR, but the child did not survive.

Medical staff contacted authorities after noticing several bruises on the baby s body.

The baby had bruising on the right side of the neck just under the chin, with more bruises on the left jaw, the back of the head, stomach, left thigh and left calf area.His mother said she had just given the baby a bath one hour before he was left in Wheeler s care and none of the bruises was there.

Wheeler told investigators that he only took the baby for a ride and noticed the baby would alternately cry, then stop.Wheeler said he pulled over near a duck pond to check on the baby, then noticed the child was breathing funny and immediately rushed him home.

He said he never hit or shook the baby at all, and did not know how the child was bruised.

Wheeler s story did not match the medical examiner s findings.

The medical examiner said the child suffered subdural hemorrhaging on the brain and blunt force trauma to the back of the head.She ruled the death a homicide.

The charging document reads Wheeler knowingly and intentionally caused serious bodily injury to the child by grabbing him, striking him with an unknown object and causing the baby s head to strike a blunt object.

Wheeler s bail was set at $50,000.
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