SPRING, Texas Verna McClain s mother was devastated when she learned her daughterhadbeen charged with killing a young mother and abducting her 3-day-old baby boy.

I don t know what s going on. That s not my kid, said McClain s mother, who was sobbing when she talked with KHOU 11 News. But I m sorry for the family.

The distraught mother didn t want her name used, but she said her daughter is a good person whohasnever been in trouble before.

Very nice, she d give you the shirt off her back, she said. They said my kid did it, but I can t wrap my head around it cause that s my baby. But I grieve for the lady and her baby.

Authorities said McClainkilled Golden because she wanted a baby.

Officials in Montgomery County say Verna McClain, 30,told her fiance she was pregnant with his child.

One neighbor, who saw her often, said that s hard to believe.

[She] didn t appear pregnant. But some people are pregnant and you don t think they are pregnant, said the neighbor, who did not want to be identified.

The couple planned to marry in May, officials said at a Wednesday news conference.

Authorities say after she had a miscarriage, McClainhatched a plot to steal another baby so her fiance wouldn t know about the miscarriage.

She allegedly killed Kala Golden and abducted her baby, Keegan,from outside a pediatrician s office in The Woodlands area. Keegan was found unharmed hours later with McClain s sister.

McClain, 30, is a licensed vocational nurse who has three children. She is estranged from the children s father, who lives in California.

She works for a Harris County staffing agency that hires nurses. McClain works as a home care nurse, specializing in pediatric care.

McClain grew up in California and moved to Houston in 2008.

Her mother and grandmother said she was a great kid growing up, graduating high school in California at just 15 and moving on to nursing school.

Her father was in the military.

McClain s family said she has no history of mental illness, but that is the only explanation they can come up with now.

Something snapped in her. She really, really believed that that baby was hers. She really believed that baby was hers, McClain s grandmother said.

Mclain s mother said she is trying to figure it all out.

They are trying to make my baby out to be a monster. She is so not like that. I don t know. I don t know, she is sick. She had to have snapped. I don t know, said Mcclain s mother.

The suspect s grandmother agreed.

That what happened. It is unexplainable, she said.

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