HOUSTON - Election year 2012, doesn t necessarily have to do with polictics. Woodlands three point specialist Nolan Cass has been doing some campaigning of his own.

I told people to vote every day, once a day, said Cass.

The senior was one of 8 candidates up for the final spot in a national competition which sends the best three point shooters and the best dunkers to New Orleans during Final Four weekend. 7 other finalists had already been pre-selected. Nolan had to earn his way to number 8.

Personally, I think he is one of if not the best shooter in the state of Texas, said The Woodlands head coach Dale Reed.

I mean, the first round was really close I think I ended up winning 51 to 49 (percent) and I was just glad I got out of that, said Cass. It just got closer the last two rounds and this last round was nerve-racking towards the end.

Highlanders of all ages flooded Facebook to vote and their hard work paid off.

I was very anxious because I didn t know if we would find enough votes to get him through, said Reed.

I didn t expect to win it, but obviously pretty excited when it did, said Cass. It went on for a month and I am thankful for all the support I had.

So Nolan s friends and family did their part to get him to New Orleans. Now, it s time for him to do the rest at the actual three point competition. But what exactly is the secret to winning?

You just have to focus and not worry about being nervous or anything, said Cass.

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