SANANTONIO -- Strike up a conversation with Mike Buentello and he'll talk about his two sons 8-year-old Dominic and 4-year-old Logan.

Buentello will tell you how much he loves them, and how they inspire him.

Dominic, they say, has autism, but he's doing great in school. He reads a lot, he said.

Mike's younger son, Logan, faces challenges, too. Six months ago, doctors had to amputate Logan's legs due to a rare bone disorder.

To watch him is just inspiring, Mike said.

Since the amputations, Logan has made tremendous strides, which his father likes to talk about.

However, what Mike doesn't like to talk about is himself. His wife, Teri, explained why.

He doesn't like to think he is going to leave these two guys, she said, fighting back tears.

Earlier this month, doctors told the 36-year-old father that his cancer had returned for a third time, and this time, the bone cancer had spread throughout his body.

It's been one thing after another after another, Teri said.

Doctors told Mike his cancer is in stage four and that he has two to six months to live.

I really don't like talking about the possibility of the doctors being right, he said as he quickly changed the conversation back to his boys.

I think it is easy to enjoy life when you spend every day with your two kids and your wife, he explained. That's pretty much a perfect life.

The challenges that we've all had because of this have made us all stronger, so I m just hoping hoping for a miracle.

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