HOUSTON Houston Fire Department investigators are hoping surveillance video and photos released Wednesday will lead to the arrest of a serial arsonist.

Thirty arsons are under investigation in southwest Houston, police said.

The most recent occurred Monday around 1 a.m. in a breezeway at the Linda Square apartments, located in the 7200 block of Gessner at Stroud. No injuries were reported.

Investigators said all of the fires have happened in the early morning hours and an accelerant has always been used. The damage from the past two fires was estimated at $11,000, police said.

Police said they don t have any leads, but are hoping photos and videos of the person and vehicle involved will lead to an arrest.

Investigators are looking for a Chevrolet Dually 3500, a vehicle that has two wheels on each side rear. It is an extended-cab pickup truck with a possible dent between the right rear fender and passenger side door, police said. The vehicle has exterior cab lights on the roof. The model year is believed to be after 2002. It has standard work rims. The back bumper may have been modified, perhaps a pipe bumper.

Police said a dark colored Lexus car, possibly a model from around 1997, may have also been involved.

Anyone with information is asked to call 713-222-TIPS or the Houston Arson Bureau at 713-551-2239 or 713-247-8900.

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