HOUSTON -- As the state of Texas faces serious money problems the governor s new plan to balance the budget includes cuts to organizations that preserve history.

Let's suspend non-mission critical entities like the historical commission, or commission on the arts until the economy improves, Gov. Rick Perry said in his State of the State Address.

The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 requires every state to have a historic preservation office, and if Gov. Rick Perry's budget cut proposal succeeds, some contend it could result in a loss of federal funds.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett is no stranger to the issue of preservation.

A city like Houston, where we tend to tear a lot of things down, preserving history, it's important, he said.

While Emmett was in the state legislature, he carried a bill that spared the historical commission from the chopping block, but he's also no stranger to budget woes.

The legislature may well decide to do that. To say we're going to take a two year hiatus and not spend money on preservation, he said.

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