HOUSTON A Houston teenager at the center of an HPD beating investigation was found guilty of burglary Tuesday.

Chad Holley, 16, was arrested for the offense in March. It was during that arrest that he says a group of HPD officers beat him.

The arrest was caught on surveillance cameras, but the video has not been released.

Still, the incident resulted in the firing of seven officers, four of whom are facing criminal charges.

Holley s trial was something of a mine field for prosecutors, who were intent on keeping the surveillance video from being allowed as evidence.

The defense characterized the case against Holley as full of holes.

Prosecutors focused on the smoking-gun testimony of one of Holley s friends. The young man, who d already pleaded guilty to burglary, said Holley was also guilty.

The defense, however, said the witness wasn t credible and claimed the state failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

I think [the witness ] testimony wasn t that strong. I think he gave a lot of inconsistencies. I don t think he gave anything damaging with regard to seeing Chad in that house or placing Chad in that house, defense attorney Wilvin Carter said.

In the end, the jury disagreed.

Holley could face anything from time in lockup to probation for the crime.

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