HOUSTON The Houston Police Department Photo Enforcement Program has been sending out letters to thousands of people who have not paid their red-light camera tickets.

The letters inform car owners theTexas Department of Motor Vehicles has place a hold on their registration renewal, and that the registrationcan t be renewed until the fine is paid.

I was mad, said Cyndie Payton. I panicked because I couldn t imagine driving around illegal and getting a ticket for no registration. Payton still owed $100 for the fine.

She enlisted the help of anti-red-light camera forces. They say the letters are deceptive.

They have no disclaimer, said attorney Paul Kubosh. They do not help the citizens know what the law is. In fact, they hide the ball.

Harris County Commissioners have not approved any agreement with the City of Houston over red-light camera tickets. The county tax office saideven those who have gotten a red-light camera ticket and haven t paid can still get their registration renewed. They can register by mail or by visiting any tax office branch or any of their subcontractors.

But, the city does have an agreement with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

I have no authority over Harris County or Commissioner s Court, and I have no authority over the State of Texas, but our agreement is with the state, said Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland.

Which means if those people with unpaid red light camera tickets go online to renew their registration, the state s system may reject them.

Cyndie Payton avoided being rejected by going to renew her license in person. She was given a new registration sticker and still vows to not pay the ticket. Nevertheless, HPD will continue to mail out the letters, in hopes of collecting millions of dollars in unpaid fines.

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