RICHMOND, Texas A man in Richmond got the surprise of his life when he found himself staring into the eyes of a 7-foot alligator.

Chris Clarksaid he d seen a small baby gator a few weeks ago in the ditch leading into the Westheimer Lakes Subdivision.

Clark called animal control to report the sighting but after last week's rains, decided to see if the little gator was still there.

He peeked into the ditch and saw a much bigger alligator.

I was shocked to the fact that I was staring eye to eye with Mama gator, Clark said. The little gator I seen earlier had nothing on this one.

Clark's dad, Charles, and friend, Alex Cespedes,helped him get a ropearound the gator and pull it out of the ditch. They set it free in the Brazos River.

No doubt, the gator is happier and the residents and pets of Westheimer Lakes are little safer thanks to the brave -- and/or crazy -- gator wrestlers.

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