HOUSTON Susan Wright, the woman convicted of killing her husband, may go free.Wright is currentlyserving a 25-year sentence for stabbing her husband 193 times.

In an unprecedented move, a judge has granted Wright a new sentencing hearing.

CBS 48 Hours/Mystery tells the new details in Wright s case that could set her free.

48 Hours/Mystery has been following Susan Wright s case for years after she stabbed her husband to death.

It was a case that made headlines as former Assistant District Attorney Kelly Siegler straddled the actual blood soaked mattress and re-enacted the murder in court.

Wright claimed she was a battered wife and her husband, Jeff Wright, beat her for years. The jury didn t believe her and sentenced her to 25 years in prison.

Now, her punishment could be changed.Wright s been granted a new sentencing hearing after new evidence surfaced that perhaps she actually was a battered wife.

He would throw me against the walls. He would hit me in the face, stomach, the back, she explained in her interview with 48 Hours/ Mystery.

The stakes are high for Susan Wright in the next sentencing hearing. She could either get a lesser sentence or she could get worse, with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

She is willing to take that risk, she is eager to take that risk, said 48 Hours/ Mystery Correspondent Richard Schlesinger in an interview with 11 News.

He says a new witness will testify.The new witness is a woman that was once engaged to Jeff Wright.

There s a woman now named Misty McMichael who says Jeff Wright beat her up, too, said Schlesinger.

Schlesinger talked to McMichael. He says 48 Hours/Mystery will air that interview and other new revelations.

This is a case that has been twisting and turning and going for six years and it s just a remarkable hour of television, said Schlesinger.

These new details could possibly set a guilty woman free.

CBS is airing a special 48 hours show Saturday at 9:25 p.m.

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