Some parents in Fort Bend County are calling for the expulsion of the students behind a hate-filled Facebook page, but police still have not been able to determine who is responsible.

The Facebook page lists girls from Clements, Elkins and Dulles High Schools and categorizes them, with a naughty list for each school. It's called the Whimsical Girls of FBISD, a group on Facebook.

Tons of people joined this and I got an invite myself. So I checked it out. Whimsical does not necessarily co notate the things I found on the site, says Shree Pandya, a Clements High Senior. The thing is no one deserves that.

In all, dozens of girls at the three Fort Bend ISD high schools are mentioned on the page.

No one really knows who made it, and at least the girls at Clements, it is really inaccurate, said Daniel Perez, a Clements senior. It says that they are promiscuous and a lot of them are just really nice girls.

Students seem to be talking the page in stride.

Most people don't really care because they know it is stupid, Perez said.

Unless, like Clements junior Romy Landeck s good friend, it is your name on the list.

She was kind of freaking out a little bit because she didn't want her parents to think that that is how she acted, and like people around here, and her coaches think that's how she acted, Landeck said.

The district is in a difficult position. The school administrators and the district police department are investigating, but investigators do not know who is responsible.

The district was able to persuade Facebook to remove the page, but only after it was online for more than a week.

School districts need an avenue into these social media sites for situations just like this, a district administrator said.

There has been plenty of backlash, a site that was created as an anti-version of the original got more than a thousand members in just a few hours.

In fact, there is an on-going petition drive to expel whoever is found to be responsible.

The district says the site is now gone, but the investigation continues.

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