Two Houston suburbs were among nine of the nation s most notable high-growth areas in 2009, according to a geographic research group.

Katy and Atascocita are two out of four Texas suburbs that madeThe Gadberry Group's 9 from 2009 list. The Little Rock-based firm provides population data and technology services for retailers.

The firm ranked Katy as no. 5 on the list and placed the suburb as second in absolute household change. Katy added 15,699 households since 2000, according to the group. In 2008, itplacedthird for percent ofhousehold change, increasing from 6,585 households in 2000, to 22,284 households in 2008.

Katy tied with Mansfield, Texas for the highest percentage of children compared to total population at 42%. It was also found to be the most ethnically diverse, with no ethnic group having less than 6% of total households and all major ethnic groups growing more than 150% since 2000, the Gadberry Group said.

Since 2000, Atascocita s households grew 108%, from 11,475 to 23,917, according to the research firm. The suburb placed third for income growth as average household incomes grew from $79,054 to $99,272.

The Gadberry Group's 9 from 2009 list:

Braselton, Georgia (Atlanta suburb)
Atascocita, Texas (Houston suburb)
Spring Hill, Tennessee (Nashville suburb)
Lincoln, California (Sacramento suburb)
Katy, Texas (Houston suburb)
Wake Forest, North Carolina (in the Raleigh-Durham triangle)
Mansfield, Texas (Dallas suburb)
Wylie, Texas (Dallas suburb)
Buckeye, Arizona (Phoenix suburb)

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