HOUSTON -- The parents of a northwest Houston teenager, who was , say they are on a mission to keep other families from knowing their pain.

On Tuesday, they traveled to Austin to push for stronger DWI legislation. They met with state lawmakers.

"We can't bring our daughter back, but to sit back and cry about it isn't going to help anything. We decided what is going to help is to speak up for her and all the other people that are being killed by drunk drivers," said Valoree Lalime, DWI victim's mother.

Valoree and William Lalime's daughter Nicole would have turned 14 on Monday.

A driver plowed into the teen as she stepped off her school bus in December.

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Police say that the driver, John Winne, was drunk.

He's still in jail on a $1 million bond.

Nicole's parents say they support legislation on sobriety check points and other measures to keep the public safe.

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