When I was growing up, I idolized Michael Jordan. He could do nothing wrong. In fact, I realized I wanted to be a sports reporter while watching the 1993 NBA Finals between the Bulls and Suns.

I still love watching superstars do incredible things on the field of play and really like sharing those moments with you.

But this week, we saw the idolization of a sports star go a little too far.

For days, the nation was fixated on where Lebron James was going to play basketball. The city of Cleveland rejoiced when he picked them over Miami and celebrated like a conquering hero returning from battle.

The King is back!

Listen, Lebron is a great basketball player but he is no hero.

15 year old Cassidy Stay. She is a hero. Earlier this week, she saw her family taken away from her and had the presence of mind to call police and make sure the rest of them were safe.

Fire fighter Daniel Groover who lost his life protecting his community this week is also a hero.

All the men and women in uniform around the world. Heroes.

Those are the people we should be celebrating each day.

I quickly learned that Michael Jordan was a great athlete but he wasn t a hero. My heroes are the members of my family who came to this country from Cuba and made a life for themselves.

Next time you watch a sporting event, ask yourself who your hero is.

They could be sitting right next to you.

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