SPRING, Texas Neighbors were shocked to hear gunshots when a man opened fire at a home Wednesday, killing six people, four of them children, and wounding one woman.

Neighbors said they were making dinner and all of a sudden they heard some pops and then ambulance after ambulance rush to their street.

People who didn t even know the family were in tears.

It s really sad because they were my best friends since first grade, said Cassidy Ramirez.

A seventh person survived the shooting and directed deputies to the shooter.

When we arrived there was one gunshot victim on the scene that was able to verbally tell us who actually did the shooting and possibly where that individual was going to, said Harris Co. Precinct 4 Asst. Chief Deputy Mark Herman.

Deputies said the shooter was headed to another house to kill more people, possibly relatives. Investigators said the gunman may have been going through a divorce.

That s an unfortunate thing, said one neighbor.

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