HOUSTON It was chaos at the Houston Caribbean Festival s Jouvert dance party, after four people were shot in a crowd of thousands, causing a mad scramble.

Like an ant hill, you pour gas on it and people just scattered, every direction, said Alan Hunt, describing the crowds he saw outside his home Friday night.

He shot home video of people running from a shooting in the arena across the street from him, near Almeda Genoa Road and Highway 288.

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Roughly 5,000 people were gathered for the party.

It was total mayhem, said Hunt.

Hunt said people were climbing up and streaming over the fence around the arena. We found a torn shirt left behind hooked to the chain links.

Hunt says about 300 of the people ran into his pasture, some of them coming all the way onto the porch, and when he opened the front door, he said: They rushed into my house, I m going wait a minute, what are you all doing? People are shooting at us, gunfire, people are getting hit!

Houston Police said four people were shot, one of them in the head, he is not expected to survive. The other two victims are expected to make it. Two women were also checked out for minor injuries, after they were knocked down and trampled. Police are not releasing any of the victims names.

Hunt said he let three teenagers stay in his house until their parents got there. He said they were scratched up too from the stampede, and scared.

Said that they were right next to the guy when he pulled the gun out and started shooting at people, said Hunt.

Police said it started as a fight inside the arena. Right now they believe only one person fired shots, but they don t have a clear suspect description because all the witnesses ran. They re asking anyone with information, or cell phone video to call police.

Hunt said it s not the first time there s been trouble at an event at the arena.

They ve had gun fights out here, I ve got a bullet hole in my window, called the police, I can t get no help, said Hunt.

He questioned how an event so large could get a permit, allowing thousands of people to squeeze onto tight country roads, with only 30 off-duty officers patrolling.

I fear somebody s going to get shot, me for example, said Hunt.

The Houston Caribbean Festival posted the following statement on their website Saturday:

On behalf of the Houston Caribbean Festival our condolences go out to all of the families that were affected by the tragedy that occurred at the Friday night Jouvert event.

The mission of the Houston Caribbean Festival is to promote and preserve our diverse Caribbean culture to our fellow Houstonians and the world.

We would like the public to know that the Houston Caribbean Festival s first priority in planning any event is the safety of our supporters. We would like to thank all our supporters for the kind and encouraging expressions via social media and through all other forms of communication.

The Houston Caribbean Festival will work with the proper authorities to ensure that all measures are reviewed which will allow us to continue to celebrate our cultured diversity through a festive environment.

The Houston Caribbean Festival once again would like to thank our supporters and acknowledge that without your support we would not exist.

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