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HOUSTON -- It's lights, camera, action at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. Now showing, in a delivery room near you: your family's first moments together.

The hospital is offeringprofessional video and editing services via BioVideo.

With a mother's approvalBioVideo will capture those first moments, from inside the delivery room, in pictures and film.

One camera person works the room, shooting nothing too graphic, instead she focuses on those tender moments.

New father Tyler Butler was relieved to have the cameras rolling when his daughter was born.

I still took shots of course (with my camera), but to take a video that was just so personal that really captured the moment wasso amazing, he said.

Tyler added that he didn't have to sacrifice being in the moment to get everything on camera.

By any means I couldn't capture all of that without me choosing between one or the other. So, I'm just glad that we had that option so we could record, he said.

The recording service is free. Parents just pay for the edited video. Packages range in price from $69 to $99. It's totally optional for patients/parents. Tyler Butler found it priceless to have video that wasn'tshaky camera shots and daddy directed.

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