HOUSTON Two workers were rushed to the hospital after coming into contact with electrical wires Wednesday morning in west Houston, according to fire officials.

It was scary as hell, said witness Cheryl French.

According to the Houston Fire Department, it happened at the Terra at Piney Point Apartments near Fondren Road and Woodway Drive.

There was a big explosion, when he fell his head was on fire, said French.

Fire officials said the two workers from a third-party company were on a ladder on the perimeter of the complex. Neighbors say the men were painting the exteriors of several apartments. The ladder was up against the wall, when it somehow slipped and they came into contact with the wires, resulting in a shock.

I heard somebody say oh 'it's still smoking, then I got closer and heard they were saying 'he's still smoking, said witness Arnold Ledezma. I looked and there was a person there.

The workers fell off the ladder and suffered significant burns.

It was terrible, said Ledezma. He was in total agony, his skin was already half gone, pink, starting to blister, his shirt was even blown off.

Both were rushed to a hospital, fire officials said. Their conditions have not been released.

Half of the apartment complex was without power due to the incident. Crews from CenterPoint managed to restore power quickly, but the investigation into what happened continues.

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