HOUSTON -- About a dozen people showed up at Hager Park on Landsdowne Drive near W. Airport in southwest Houston early Friday morning looking for cash.

They searched all over, some showed up in pajamas.

After searching about 10 minutes, Alex Tran found an envelope under some bleachers near the ball field.

Got a Macy's gift card and $10 in cash, she said, after opening her envelope.

The person responsible for the money hunt said the gift card is worth $40.

He told KHOU 11 News that his name is Charles. He has set up a Twitter account called @HoustonCgm, which stands for cash, gifts and more. He said he is promoting money hunts and encouraging people to do good deeds in honor of his aunt and other cancer patients.

Tran planned to immediately use the money she found to do a good deed. She was headed to the fast food drive-through.

Probably pay for the people behind me. Start a little trend so people can do it all day, said Tran.

No one else found any cash in the park but instead of turning away empty-handed, several people stayed to pick up litter.

I think it's awesome, said Jennifer Robbins, who came hoping to find money but ended up doing a good deed instead. Me and another lady were going around cleaning up.'

Jennifer Robbins said she came to the park hoping to get money to use toward much needed car repairs. She was the first to start picking up trash. She said Houston s money hunts, that also promote acts of kindness, have inspired her.

Gave a gentleman money to go get chocolate yesterday. He was craving chocolate, a homeless guy, really friendly, she said.

Across the nation, other money hunts have resulted in spirited scrambles for cash amid mild chaos.

Activity here in Houston kicked off differently on Wednesday when Houston Hidden Gifts went on Twitter and Facebook and directed people to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to perform random acts of kindness, instead of hunting for hidden cash. Several people showed up with gifts and money for patients and their families.

The person behind that page said she is a woman with cancer. She announced that she would stage a money hunt that was supposed to take place today, but she cancelled it.

Both she and Charles, who staged Friday morning s money hunt in Hager Park, have stated that Houstonians will have more opportunities in the future to give and to receive.

For more information on Houston s money hunts and random acts of kindness (RAK) events, visit these pages:

TWITTER: @HoustonHiddenGi @HiddenCash_TX @HoustonCgm

FACEBOOK: Houston Hidden Gifts & Acts of Kindness

Hidden Cash Houston

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