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FRANKFURT, Germany -- It s one of the zaniest events you ve never heard of.

It s an event where the norm is anything but normal where arms, legs, stomachs and faces that aren t masked in brilliant neon paint will stick out like a sore thumb (one that likely isn t covered in bright dye, either). It s a place where being outrageous is a minimum requirement; the higher, brighter and more otherwordly the hair, the less like a martian you ll look at this international fashion festival.

The OMC Hairworld and Hair and Beauty World Cup 2014, held in Frankfurt, Germany is a mecca of the unbelievable. Formally serving as an exhibition and competition for up-and-coming hair and fashion designers, the event welcomed around 1,000 participants from over 50 countries worldwide. From May 3 to May 5, competitors poured themselves into colorfully pushing the barriers of aestethic beauty. Models were transformed into unearthly creatures as their stylists were graded on their skill, creativity and ability to work under pressure. If this competition reflects the up-and-coming styles of 2014, we can all look forward to crossing the final frontier and growing old on Mars (or, at least not feeling like we re on Earth anymore).

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