HARRIS COUNTY -- Weeks have gone by since a horrific accident scene in southeast Harris County, and yet 11-year-olds Jartis Soloman and Gabe Rojas remember it like it just happened.

It was a good day, said Rojas.

And we were just playing basketball outside, said Soloman.

The next thing the boys knew a car was coming straight toward them.

I saw a beige car coming at me so I just ran back, said Rojas.

We tried to run but it happened so fast, said Soloman.

The car was traveling too fast for the boys to avoid getting hit. The force of the impact threw Soloman into the neighbor s yard next to the garage doors. He hollered for help and when he looked back, noticed his friend pinned beneath that car.

I was like, 'Is he dead,' said Soloman.

They just said calm down and I started crying because I saw my leg busted open and blood, said Rojas.

Both boys spent many days in the hospital. Soloman suffered a broken wrist, Rojas suffered a badly broken leg. The teenage driver was only cited for speeding and failure to maintain control.

Both boys parents are angry, saying Harris County Precinct 2 deputies did not investigate to see if speed was the only factor.

They complained to the Harris County District Attorney s office, which is now trying to find out if that driver might have also been texting.

Soloman and Rojas play on the same little league baseball team. They ve been inseparable since they were 5-years-old. In a way, the accident has made them even closer.

He s like a brother to me, said Soloman.

But now we see each other every day and say how are you doing, keep your head up, added Rojas.

They both dream of playing ball again.

The teenage driver is due in court later this month. Depending upon what the investigation uncovers, he could face a charge of reckless driving.

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